David Schutzman Marketing has continuously helped local and international companies find success in their respective markets. Many “start-ups” and “behind the scenes” consultancies and innovative tech firms have sought out DSM for strategic counsel in developing and executing a complete marketing and PR initiative. Clients have come to know DSM as their “virtual marketing department,” and rely on David Schutzman to put a "stake in the ground" and claim their space on the front page. DSM believes in working closely with their clientele on precision branding and messaging strategies to find their position in the marketplace, garner positive results, accelerate business development and procure new business opportunities. 

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Our Story

Since 1997, David Schutzman has been working with mid-tier and large global consultancies, helping them carve out their own success story in today’s market. David Schutzman has a history of getting early results for his clients, with mentions and placements in major publications.  His background includes many senior roles at top firms including: McGraw-Hill (Media Relations Manager), Ernst & Young Consulting (National PR Director), and Archstone Consulting (Chief Marketing Officer). During Schutzman’s time at Archstone, he also supported the portfolio companies of Lake Capital (a private equity firm based in Chicago). After Archstone was acquired by the Hackett Group in 2009, Schutzman continued to support Lake Capital as well as several boutique and larger professional services firms in the US and abroad.

Today, after founding David Schutzman Marketing in November 2009, Schutzman still brings behind-the-scenes consultancies and other firms to the top of their field, using industry insight through years of experience and connections with key influencers.