Spinoffs Call for Fast Learners

“The CFO is oftentimes a conduit between strategy, implementation, vision and ultimately the numbers. The CFO has to be able to confidently talk about the dollar value of those changes and the risks…quarter after quarter you need to have a system in place to quantify how you’re doing against that plan.” – Bill Budicin, director of Keystone Group, a Chicago-based management-consulting firm.

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From M2M to IoT: Old industries must learn new tricks

M2M systems typically are reliable, resilient, and designed to keep working for many years. But most have been purpose-built for one job in one setting, relying on specific hardware, software and networks. This vertical integration can lock customers into one vendor that, in turn, is limited to developing and producing products for a relatively small market. – Bill Bien, partner at Waterstone Management Group.

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Offshore Manufacturing Trends for Mid-Market Companies

Far from a quick fix to the bottom line, offshoring and outsourcing – while delivering bottom-line benefits in the majority of cases – often require much more time, more management oversight, and a more nuanced approach than most companies realize when they first embark on these initiatives. – Amar Shah and Danielle Moushon, The Keystone Group

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The CFO Playbook on Growth: How CFOs Can Boost Efficiency and Performance with Automation

Unlike the massive, traditional ERP solutions of yesterday, emerging technology offerings aren’t just for enterprises. In some ways, by investing in such technologies piecemeal, smaller organizations have a unique opportunity to investigate new solutions and strategies for growth that their larger counterparts simply cannot afford. – John Lieblang, Affiliate Partner, Waterstone Management Group LLC

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Keeping Work Organized when Your Team Is Fragmented


Yet Carrie Shea, president of AMG Strategic Advisors, the growth strategy consulting unit of Acosta Sales & Marketing, told me, “Most are leveraging outside partners rather than doing this all themselves to (1) make sense of the overwhelming volume of data that they have to analyze, (2) get a strategic view across channels and categories, and (3) be efficient in complex advanced modeling.”

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Five Ways Big Data is Useful to CFOs


Big Data by itself is an incomplete solution. Big Data analytics with a defined and focused objective is the next step. Identifying problems– and how best to solve those problems using actionable analytics —enables CFOs to find the answers they need to specific problems, and to play a strategic and influential role in steering the direction of their companies. –  Phani Nagarjuna, Founder and CEO, Nuevora

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