Food & Beverage Packaging


Robert Kugel, Senior Vice President and Research Director at Ventana Research says, “Companies in industries such as specialty chemicals, packaging, integrated steel mills and silicon chip fabrication (to name just four) routinely fail to make the right decisions about pricing, production and sales management because they use analytic methods that, from an economic perspective, present a distorted measure of profitability.”

One-on-One with WGroup’s Harry Wallaesa


Started in 1995, boutique advisory firm WGroup (formerly The W Group) has undergone a recent brand identity transformation, shifting the way it thinks about the service model of IT in an effort to meet clients’ changing needs as smart application of these transformative technologies becomes more and more essential to a company’s bottom line. Enter Harry Wallaesa, President and CEO of WGroup, who shared his insights on this brave new IT world.


Google industry director helping Fortune 500 firms go digital


Make Mountain View, Calif.-based Google the first stop for CEOs and chief marketing officers to learn and use digital and mobile marketing tools. "Karen immediately dived into our business and generated several ideas with her team that had immediate impact in a matter of days," says Barbara Ford, management consultant at Lake Forest-based Griffin Strategic Advisors and a former client at Kraft.