Big Data and Software Pricing


“Developing Big Data capabilities requires investing in new skills, tools and processes. Fortunately, SaaS offerings usually already capture relevant data, and the ability to creatively mine the data presents a compelling opportunity to enhance your pricing strategies, better understand customers and ultimately optimize revenues.” – Dhaval Moogimane, Partner, Waterstone Mangement Group


When Doing Nothing Yields the Same Results


“As the economic footing is getting a bit more stable, many companies are finding available funds to invest in their internal processes and find ways to improve performance. This is in contrast to the recent past, when companies were forced to scrimp on investing in their people and processes, and focus on cost-cutting efforts, even if that introduced some inefficiency.” – Dan Kocher, Senior Consultant, RAS & Associates  


Innovation: a Make-or-Buy Decision


“CFOs are kind of caught in a quandary,” says Mark Zawacki, founder of Milestone Group and 650 Labs, a consultancy that helps large multinationals understand how Silicon Valley companies are disrupting their industries. “When businesses are struggling, there isn’t money to innovate, and when they’re doing well, they don’t naturally think of putting more money into the innovation process.” 


Clorox Leverages Shopper Insights To Power Seasonal Promotions


AMG Strategic Advisors defines shopper marketing as insights-driven integrated marketing and merchandising efforts, steeped in a deep understanding of shopper behavior, the path to purchase, and today’s retail realities, aimed at satisfying the needs and wants of targeted shoppers and enhancing their in-store experience.   “Successful shopper marketing needs to ultimately improve business results and brand equity for manufacturers while helping to differentiate retailers,” said Barbara Ford, Senior Vice President, AMG Strategic Advisors.


Differentiate And CONQUER


“As for communicating the strategy to consumers, err on the side of simplicity,” says Colin Stewart, senior vice president at AMG Strategic Advisors, a division of Jacksonville, Fla.-based Acosta Sales & Marketing. "Simplify your message down to what you want it to stand for," Stewart says. "If it's freshness, you want to use the word 'fresh' in all your communications–your signage, your circulars. Focus on one key message; you don't want to confuse people."


In Praise of Face Time


Consider Constellation Energy, a $14 billion dollar provider of power, natural gas, and energy products and services based in Baltimore. Constellation has developed an Innovation Center, an unconventional permanent facility within its headquarters. People come from different locations to the Innovation Center for “ideation” (brainstorming), decision-making, and planning. For example, one team that came to the Innovation Center worked on a merger after an acquisition; hundreds of thousands of dollars were saved from moving a data center. By having groups from headquarters and the acquired company come together in one place, they were able to break down barriers and begin to work together effectively.


Social change: the new frontier


“World-changing technology may not be within every company's reach, but world-changing impact is. To win, companies need to find new ways to harness the power of social change to build their brands, turn customers into brand "passionates" and deepen their "social value proposition." It's no longer just about social responsibility; it's about 
social innovation — using the engine of the business to solve social problems.” – Jason Saul, CEO, Mission Measurement


Transforming the CPG and retail consulting industry


“Consultancies need to be attuned to the total shopper experience. They need to have a view across the entire retail store and across multiple channels, understanding the what and why behind the differences, and how best practices can be deployed in multiple categories and aisles. The best consultancies will provide a constant pulse on the retail landscape and on consumer and shopper behavior.” – Carrie Shea, President, AMG Strategic Advisors


M&A and the CIO: Why Earlier Involvement of IT Improves Integration Success


Most preliminary mergers and acquisitions (M&A) targeting and early analysis is conducted by a select group of senior executives, board members and corporate development staff. This is to protect the confidentiality of a potential deal until it is formulated to a point where both parties agree it makes sense to pursue the deal in greater detail. – Maureen Piche, Principal, Archstone Consulting


Why CPG Marketers Need To Reach Hispanic Shoppers


“The value of Hispanic consumers to CPG marketers bears repeating: Not only are Hispanics the fastest growing population group--Hispanics will contribute more than 60 percent of all population growth over the next five years--but, more important, Hispanics make up a $1.2 trillion economy that rivals consumer expenditures of Russia and Mexico, and their disposable income is projected to more than double by 2020.” – Elena Etcharren,  SVP, AMG Strategic Advisors, and Liz Sanderson, VP Of Strategy & Insights, Univision Communications Inc.