Executive PR Counseling

One of the most powerful resources available for businesses is media coverage. However, knowing who to contact, how to pitch them and what’s deemed “newsworthy” requires a significant amount of planning and insight. PR counseling services create opportunity by creating positive, resourceful media relations to deliver what matters when the time is right.

Thought leadership content

Sometimes an advertisement or press release just isn't enough. You need in-depth bylined articles for the trade press, white papers, case studies, attractive website copy, and blogs. DSM is skilled in creating intelligent, professionally-written content that positions you as thought leader in your field.

Marketing/PR Transformation Initiatives

Consider this the powerful foundation for all businesses. Is it time to transform the perception of your organization? With a well thought out plan, it’s possible to change the conversation and pivot when the time is right. There’s comfort in knowing that every move made is one that reinforces the strength of the brand. Every decision can help to clearly and positively define the company and ultimately move it closer to exceeding goals. Brand Support means coloring inside of the lines of a well-drawn plan and the result is both bold and lucrative.

Media Outreach

Nothing streamlines information quite like utilizing existing media relationships. Media Outreach with contacts in Top-Tier Business and Industry Trade Media Outlets make sure that the important news breaks through the clutter and allows that message to reach target audiences exactly where they are.


A video adds a new level of interaction to your website, brings your thought leadership to life, and engages your visitors in a way that plain text just can't approach. These videos need both creativity and professionalism, and they need to go beyond the simple "talking head" approach to get the attention you need. DSM's professional video team offers engaging, broadcast-quality video to complement the compelling text on your website.