Clients that incorporate multimedia solutions in their marketing and PR strategy gain the competitive edge in their respective market. Video offers instant credibility to businesses by creating a very tangible form of digestible information.  In fact, according to Forrester Research, videos are 53 times more likely than text pages to appear on the first page of search results.  For consumers, it creates visual insight into company culture, team and an overall value proposition. This helps to establish trust between the prospective consumer and the business immediately.


Client Case Study Video: Cross Pens

Archstone Consulting commissioned this video case study to highlight its S&OP work with client Cross Pens.  The video was well received by the client team, showcased within Cross’ organization and later leveraged by Archstone to win another S&OP project at Solo Cup Corp.

Client Case Study Video: American Laser Centers

MediaWhiz, a leader in online performance marketing, commissioned this video to leverage their tremendous success with American Laser Centers, one of their largest clients.  The video covers the transformation of American Laser Centers' traditional direct response marketing to a more interactive and agile digital program. 



The New Face of IT Outsourcing

 Waterstone Management Group

Ken Ewell, a Partner at Waterstone, outlines key success factors for launching and scaling new products and services.

Waterstone Management Group

Waterstone Partners Dhaval Moogimane and Eric Pelander discuss business models for technology and services companies that are embracing the cloud. 

 Waterstone Management Group

Discussion of Waterstone  with Eric Pelander and Mark Hauser 

 Waterstone Management Group

Scott Haug, West Coast Managing Partner, discusses observations regarding key trends within the payments industry. 

Why Nearshoring to Brazil Works So Well
David Shpilberg delivers the keynote address at the 2011 Nearshore Nexus Conference. 

CPM Braxis clients speak out.

Gerry Bavaro

A strategic discussion with paid search expert Gerry Bavaro, EVP at online performance marketing leader MediaWhiz.


 Introducing CPM Braxis to the U.S. Market

While an IT Services powerhouse in Brazil and Latin America, CPM Braxis needed to quickly build brand identity and credibility among U.S.-based IT and procurement executives.  A series of videos was created and launched to capture CPM Braxis’ global expertise at the same time promoting Brazil as a sensible Nearshore IT Outsourcing alternative to India.

Thought Leadership:  Client Case Study of Collaboration

Valassis Communications’ CIO Steve Carrington and Director Howard Tenenbaum discuss their expectations in choosing an IT Services provider and their experiences teaming with CPM Braxis to overhaul the company’s legacy platform.

Client Case Study Video: Performance Marketing

MediaWhiz CEO Jonathan Shapiro discusses the evolution of online performance marketing and building programs that drive demonstrable ROI for clients. This stake in the ground video was leveraged widely in new client presentations and for recruiting purposes.

Inside the 'Career Company' Mindset of CPM Braxis

This video, created for the editor of Nearshore Americas, established CPM Braxis as Latin America’s top Nearshore IT Outsourcing provider.  Featuring CPM Braxis Co-Founder David Shpilberg, the video identifies the drivers that led to the creation of CPM Braxis - and why Brazil is exceptionally well-positioned to provide high value IT services to U.S. customers.  The video was viewed more than 600 times within two weeks after posting.

Thought Leadership:  Nearshore IT Outsourcing

Former TransUnion CTO, John Parkinson, discusses his experience in the nearshore IT outsourcing market.  The video was produced as one in a series of client testimonials for CPM Braxis.

MediaWhiz Ad: Tech NYC 2009

MediaWhiz, a leading online marketing agency, asked DSM to assist with the firm’s PR and rebranding efforts, including making an impact at ad:tech NY where MediaWhiz unveiled its new brand creative. In this video, CEO Jonathan Shapiro successfully conveyed the brand messages while creating a buzz among the hundreds of attendees who were drawn to the booth. The video, a permanent staple on MW’s website,  was posted to youtube with nearly 1,000 views recorded. 

Thought Leadership:  Pharmaceutical Insights

This segment is one of a series of Thought Leadership videos commissioned by Archstone Consulting to highlight key practice areas and practice leaders.  The videos were released in conjunction with white papers on Archstone's site and timed to appear coinciding with articles in key trade publications.

In this video, Life Sciences Practice Leader, Michael Eckstut discusses emerging trends in pharmaceutical R&D.

Thought Leadership:  Online Data Acquisition
DSM worked with MediaWhiz to produce a series of 8 videos, each featuring a key thought leader.  In this video, Mitch Tuch discusses data acquisition in online performance marketing.